Nicole Ladrak followed her textile training at the Academy of Arts in Amsterdam, where she graduated in 1984. During her training she developed her own unique technique of manufacture. Her art works using this approach can best be described as "textile paintings". Using several levels of textiles, an initial image is made, which she then covers with tulle to create a background atmosphere. The perspective and depth are then further enhanced by creating light and dark areas. Big playful stitches are then applied to the tulle and the initial image to illustrate and emphasize essential outlines. The work is figurative in style and portrays, mostly female characters and still-life subjects. The colorful final result always has a surprisingly strong spatial effect, especially when viewed at a distance.

In addition to her work as an artist Nicole has also teached in several educational institutions and has designed the costumes of several theatre productions. Notably the Amsterdam Theatre Institute, The Dutch Theatre Orchestra and Child Theatre. For the play 'Mama Pia' (Mother Pia) by theatre group Munganga she applied her unique style of Textile Paintings to create the entire scenery, producing a memorable and unique colorful world on stage.